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Bed Formers  

Watson Bed Formers for the Vegetable & Horticultural Industries 

Watson Farm Equipment has been making bed formers for flower and vegetable growers all over Australia for 20 years. Models range from rigid single row units to large three row rigid or folding units, fitted to your choice of rotary hoe or power harrow. .

The bed former floats are manufactured out of 12 mm plate and incorporate the latest Watson flow through design. All units are fully welded (no stitch welds) and tailgates are fully enclosed to minimise soil and water collection to avoid rust. Laminated hard wearing 'Vide' plate is an optional extra, available for the skids and wear points on the floats and tailgates.  

Hobby Farmer Bed Former

Watson Farm Equipment makes a linkage bed former for the small vegetable or specialist crop grower. The bed shaper suits small tractors in the 20 - 40 Horse Power range.

The bed former has 2 adjustable 15" furrowers with a detachable 'V' bed shaper. The furrowers are fitted on 32mm tyne legs which are to allow for more height adjustment under the frame.

The furrow width is adjustable to suit your tractor's rear wheel track and the linkage hitch has Cat 1 & 2 combination pins. The ground needs to be worked up to a reasonable depth first before you come through with the bed shaper to form your raised beds.


3 row rigid bed former & Kuhn power harrow

Bed Formers